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Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t think about gods who produced them literate and explained to them what to put in writing. As an alternative to make up gods, Sumerians observed, heard and perhaps touched Anunnaki as men and women like them, although the Anunnaki stood taller and lived more time.

“MEs give their depositories or perhaps the persons in possession of these powers such as the control of interplanetary travels and communications, scientific and technological knowledge and quasi-magical potency.

Enlil brought the Council back again to order. Astronauts with Adapite wives and youngsters, he decreed, need to go into the peaks higher than the waves.

“It's not at all an entire surprise to any of us that you simply have been a concentrate on of trickery, deceit, malfeasance, misuse, abuse, misinformation and disinformation. To best everything off, you’ve selected a most community life that looks like it’s reflected back again for you every one of the fears embedded from the human soul from way back. But, in between each of the horsepucky, you are already fed some manha.

This stone column, enscribed with Adad’s bull, in the Chavin De Huacar’s middle creating sticks by way of a gap in the ground previously mentioned it. [

We Homo Sapiens “showed up quickly, two hundred,000 decades ago while in the fossil report with dissimilarities from “some other anthrodoid or homanoid” which advanced on this planet. This sudden visual appearance supports the speculation that creationism–which Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda claimed on tablets their scribes wrote–was a element of our history (as are each devolution and evolution of earlier humans prior to the Anunnaki).

Then they had what seemed to be shiny, flashing devices and laser tips, and so they instructed him they were being going to eliminate some memory blocks.

“Partitions, conduits, receptacies, channels sort a number of water-channeling constructions one earlier mentioned one other; rain or spring water could circulation from level to level. A tremendous hircular area enclosed by megalithic ashlars lies underground at a level permitting the managing off of the water from the circular area–a considerable-scale gold-panning facility. The water was flowed off througth the sluice-chamber and away in the labyrinth.

Amenemhet III ascended Egypt’s throne of Egypt and despatched for Joseph to interpret a dream that 7 skinny cows ate seven Fats cows and seven scorched ears of grain ate 7 healthy types. “Your dreams show Egypt’ll have seven many years of fine harvest, then seven of famine,

! The male seemed really shocked and asked who introduced this human being to him? Apparently, he also builders asphalt begun throwing out some threats to Michael and Bushman.

A moat surrounded Pumapunku and connected to a canal method that ran to lake Titicaca, fifteen miles absent via level floor. Upheavals, possibly from precisely the same disturbances that caused the destruction of your Nile area that Moses, whom Enlil forewarned, from the nearing of Nibiru or its lagrange details in 1450 BCE, ruined the massive landing System and scattered its H-shaped 400-ton twelve by 10 by two foot thick purple sandstone blocks that Adad experienced quarried 10 miles from Pumapunku.

Arriving rocketships landed within the extensive stone platform adjoining the start tower, then could well be put in place–as were done to the colossal stone blocks–in just the massive stone enclosure Prepared for launching.” “Baalbek was included in the post-Deluvian Landing Corridor of the Anunnaki whenever they read prepared builders cork the setting up of the spaceport inside the Sinai to interchange the 1 in Mesopotamia wiped out via the Deluge.

In 329 BCE, Alexander married captive princess Roxanne. He purchased persons to bow to him for a god. He made a large harem of lovely Females and loved a new a person each night time. He killed his historian for criticizing his hedonism, his “Persianization.”

“Earth’s crust, plate tectonics, distinctions among the continental and oceanic crusts, emergence of Pangaea from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean: the findings of recent science corroborated ancient knowledge.

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